AI for Sales Copywriting

Every conversation is unique. Our AI can help you analyze each person you’re trying to contact, identify the right inbox where they’re most likely to reply, and tailor your copy; all at scale.

Maximize Your Performance

How it works

Our AI will empower your team to write great copy, then provide recommendations on where to send your pitch and how to tailor it for each recipient.

Channel Recommendations

Our AI can help you analyze each person you’re trying to contact, then identify the right inbox where they’re most likely to reply.

Sales Pitch Recommendations

Our AI can help you write copy that clearly communicates what you’re selling, how it’s different than your competitors, and how it can provide value to your recipients.

Sales Nurturing Recommendations

Our AI can analyze your sales conversations at scale and guide your team throughout the entire relationship, so your prospects or customers never slip away.

Objection Handling Recommendations

Our AI can help keep your sales conversations moving forward, and provide recommended replies to any objections that you receive.

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Introducing Pitchit, a radically different way to grow your enterprise.

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AI for copywriting
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AI for copywriting
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Multichannel social selling
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Integrate our technology into every department of your organization.

Built for Enterprise

Every click, every dashboard, and every function was designed with enterprise use cases in mind.

Interdepartmental Collaboration

Converge management, sales, marketing, and support teams into one platform that integrates with your systems.


Which channels does your Multichannel Social Selling™ solution support?

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Twitter, SMS and Email

What types of data does your Sales Time Optimization™ AI solution take into account?

Our proprietary algorithm considers various data points on your prospects/customers including, but not limited to, which channels they’re most active on, whether or not they’ve replied to your pitch, if they booked a meeting with your team, if they engaged with your team on any of our supported channels, if our intent data classifies them as ready-to-buy, if your CRM has given them a high lead score, or if they have a high Pitchit™ score. We also look at your sales team behavior to identify outliers, and share those findings with the rest of your team to save them time and give them better results.

In what ways is AI integrated into Pitchit?

Pitchit™ AI helps you enrich your data, build multichannel campaigns in under 3 minutes, find the best channel to reach each of your prospects/customers, write better copy with GPT, analyze outlier results, identify ready buyers, and prioritize your sales time.

What is a Go-To-Network Strategy™ and how is it different than a Go-To-Market Strategy?

Most people have heard of Go-To-Market strategies. We don’t believe in that phrase, nor do we use it, because it assumes that your business needs to go to a “market” of out-of-network prospects in order to grow revenue by capturing market share that currently doesn’t belong to you.

Put simply, when you target in-network prospects and pitch them on the channels where your team has the 1:1 relationship, you’re executing what we call a Go-To-Network Strategy™

Can I add multiple users to my account?

We offer unlimited seats on our Enterprise plans. All other plans are single-user subscriptions. If you have a team that wants to use Pitchit together, we suggest you set up an Enterprise account with us.

What is Sales Network Monetization?

Sales Network Monetization™ is a new business growth methodology that focuses your sales team's efforts around growing their own list of in-network prospects using multichannel sales.

This business growth methodology uses network-led growth to target your addressable market, get as many prospects inside of your network as possible, then develop 1:1 relationships with them, at scale, for significantly lower costs than any other methodology.

What is a Trusted Sales Network™?

Your Trusted Sales Network™ is an asset to your sales team. When a prospect is in-network, they’re much more likely to buy from your team. Since our platform builds a network that spans multichannel, a Trusted Sales Network is the combination of the in-network prospects/customers that your sales team has acquired across each of the channels that we support.

In short, it is the deduplicated total # of teamwide in-network prospects, across all web channels.

Think of Your Trusted Sales Network™ as a network of active inboxes that your sales team can use to directly communicate with your addressable market.

What type of training does your team provide?

All Pitchit™ users get access to our certification course and audiobook library. Enterprise users get additional support including dedicated account managers, phone/zoom support, and custom SLAs.

How do I upload an audience into Pitchit™?

We currently accept CSV files, Excel files or LinkedIn searches.

Wherever you get your data, upload it to Pitchit in spreadsheet format, and we'll enrich the audience data, suggest which channels are best to reach your audience, help you write better copy, and launch your campaign, all under 3 minutes.

How long does onboarding take?

You should be able to create your account and launch your first Pitchit™ campaign in under 3 minutes. For enterprise users, we'll train and onboard your team based on your custom SLAs in order to match your goals.

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Changing the Way Enterprises Grow

Your ideal customer’s attention has fragmented across dozens of channels on the web. It’s time enterprises adapt and embrace the multichannel world they do business in.

Introducing Pitchit, a radically different way to grow your enterprise.