Introducing Pitchit™

Our Mission & Point of View

Changing the Way Enterprises Raise Funds

Global fundraising has fragmented across dozens of channels on the web. It’s time enterprises adapt and embrace the multichannel world they do business in.

AI Fundraising Assistant

Fundraising involves many tasks that can be optimized by AI. Enterprise organizations should provide solutions to help their teams enrich data, understand who to pitch, what to say, which channel is best, when the timing is right, and where each team member’s time is best spent in order to accelerate deals.

Multichannel Outreach

Every Founder and Investor is different. Teams should analyze each person they’re trying to contact, identify the right inbox where they’re most likely to reply, and tailor their copy accordingly.

Fundraising Data Enrichment

There are many sources of data that are necessary to combine in order to have the most up-to-date information about the Founders or Investors we're trying to reach. Teams should accelerate their aggregation of these sources so they can spend more time building relationships and closing deals.

Meet the Makers

Our Founders

Paul Kleen

Plug & Play Alum, Alchemist Batch 33
Fmr. Head of Accounts @ Framed (YC W14-Acquired by Square)
Fmr. Head of Growth @ Paperspace (YC W15)

Farshid Fotouhi

2-time Founder
Fmr. Director of Engineering at &
15+ years experience coding & managing engineering teams

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